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34 thoughts on “About

  1. She (they) is a beauty! Your love and admiration show in your images.

    From reading about you, it seems we are polar opposites. But I loved your post about Steph and I love your writing style, so I’m signing on. There’s always room to learn and to respect intelligent people who use their brains!


  2. I’m honored to have you stop by. Thank you for the compliment. I consider you to be masterful at what I’m only attempting, so your words go a long way.
    As I continue to read your blog, I hope that some of your appreciation for people of opposite persuasions will rub off on me. That concept is something that I’ve been attempting to foster for a few years now.


  3. I am just calling here from Hook’s Space my friend, I can see that your
    things to love are certainly worth all of your time…

    Have a great weekend…



    1. Thank you for venturing into my Space this evening, I have recently
      removed the bulk of my work but as I am adding scripts rather frequently
      I hope that you will find something to whet your appetite on your return…

      Have a most excellent rest of weekend my friend…



    1. Lol. I’m always scanning the horizon for blogs that I like. I think that I found you in my comments and randomly clicked. I do this a lot, but I only comment if I like what I read. I really liked what I read on your site. I don’t know anything about you yet, because I haven’t read that much (three posts thus far), but my curiosity is certainly piqued.

      Thanks for the kind words.


    1. Thanks! I’m also poking around on my blog at the moment. It’s great to meet you as well. I must tell you, you have quite a lovely blog. I’m certain that you must not take that view for granted.

      Thanks again for your kind remarks. πŸ™‚


  4. Hey…write more please. I’m anxiously awaiting your next post and I’ve been disappointed every day for the last 5 days. Get to it, mister!

    P.S. You have an absolutely beautiful family!! πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks Christy. My family really is the bomb!

      As for your demand… I’ll get right on that. Really, I was only trying to serve you some of your own coffee. How did I do?

      Hey, did I just coin a phrase? Lol πŸ™‚

      You know, not to ring my own doorbell (hmm that one may need work) but there is something that I posted a while back that you may not have read. For some reason, I think you may find it interesting. Here is the link


    1. Thank you! Yes that is my son and my wife… and, of course, my daughter. πŸ˜‰

      If you didn’t notice her, it could be that she rather closely resembles my son.

      Thanks for visiting, Little Miss.


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