What Has Happened to Freshly Pressed?


There really must exist an unspoken rule making a hellish doomsday of any moment when an unsuspecting blogger treads upon the uncharted territory hereby know as the act of critiquing/questioning/challenging the wisdom of the all glorious Freshly Pressed Search Committee (A.k.a. the lady who coordinates the site’s front page). I say this only because I simply have never seen it done. You are cautiously invited to come along with me while I embark on this business of excoriating the gods of WordPress. That’s right WordPress, I’m knocking on the editor’s door and I’ve got a bone!



the above statement was not intended as a threat of violence nor was it meant to be perceived as an actual event.




Getting on with it then, I believe that If I were to be offered a spot on tomorrow’s edition of “Freshly Pressed”, I would be inclined to disrespectfully decline. Beyond that, it is within proper reason that, following such an offer, I may even burn whatever article was being considered for the much coveted publicity. You see, I find that I fervently enjoy my position down here – however undeserved – among what I’ve found to be the best of WordPress. And by best, I am speaking of the true artists of the lens and the spoken word who labor, perhaps not tirelessly, but indeed endlessly to bring about so many rather obscure pockets of pure joy. Pockets which, once discovered, could bring about a remarkable sense of enlightenment and personal growth far beyond the apparent comprehension of the coxes whom direct the ebb and flow of the Freshly Pressed page. I find it most unfortunate that these true artists of whom I speak will never be found by the masses as they seem to hover on an esoteric plain above the childlike radar of the scoundrels of the Freshly Pressed search committee.

There have been people on this site who have so eloquently penned their thoughts that they have helped me to see that people who don’t necessarily think like me may, in fact, still manage to think… And think quite brilliantly at that.

There are people on this site whose words I read faithfully late at night, when the glamor and buzz of the day have ended and I find myself alone, tucked into a dim hotel room, and homesick for my family. And it is their words that sooth my mind and shove the enclosing walls back to their respective positions.

Some people on this site have taken pictures that are so original and indeed spiritual that one’s viewing of them can be likened to his first time seeing with his own eyes a new landscape, or a massive storm, and in that moment he feels as if his mind has explored an entire new region within itself.

How shameful is it that the page allegedly containing “the best of WordPress” fails to deliver on its promises, and frequently fails to expose its readers to talent such as what I’ve referenced above; instead, on Freshly Pressed, we are bombarded with stories regarding such foolishness as the following:


  • How to build a ceiling high cat toy using only items found in your pantry
  • Girl with a hundred pictures of herself begging to be freshly pressed
  • One blurry, random picture of an unremarkable thing with no caption


I could have continued, and had even begun to, but I might have become a little too specific with my indignation. Now, I do find it important and necessary to state here that I have occasionally witnessed a wonderful post flying across the Freshly Pressed headlines. Unfortunately, these sitings are all too seldom and more often than not the contents of Freshly Pressed remain insufferable. Another unfortunate, and rather alarming trend that I’m seeing is the tendency by more and more parasitic “regulars” to always offer their  beguiling comments. You know the ones. These people consistently display a flagrantly specious enthusiasm on the subject of everything from whether crustaceans do or do not possess the ability to see in color to how to rebuild an old Johnson boat motor. This obsessive commenting is clearly for the purpose of advertisement, and would not be tolerated on my blog.


I’ll end with a challenge and a salute. I challenge you to not get caught up in the foolish game of pretending to see merit in mere silliness only for the purpose of stimulating your own website. To do this only serves to make the Freshly Pressed Search Committee feel that they are succeeding in their job mission when they are clearly not.

And finally, to those truly talented and committed artists on WordPress, I salute you. I might have even mentioned you specifically had I taken the time to gather all of your permission; However, you know who you are. Again thank you and rest assured that you are the best in the eyes of those fortunate enough to stumble across your pages.


Nathan Gray