Seasons Greetings and a Merry, Joyful Day

Do have a happy season gathered round your “happy trees”

We’ve changed up all our wording to put Scrooge and Grinch at ease

Wish all your loved ones merry times while carving up the bird

But never mention Jesus’ name because that’s quite absurd

Joyous Season


Or happy time of hope

Just don’t say merry Christmas please, unless you are the Pope

Feel free to buy your children all the presents they desire

Help teach them ’tis the season for getting all they can acquire

Decorate with mistletoe, and turn on “season songs”

But leave the manger in the box, wrapped up where it belongs

You may bake fruit cakes but be mindful, don’t become fruit cakes yourselves

And never speak of Christ The Lord, but of Santa and his elves

You see, we’ve gone and changed our tune from God to Wal-Mart splurgin’s

To be mindful of the Muslims and their bombings and their virgins

No self respecting Christian who believes in God’s good Son

Should go wishing Christmas cheer on folks, thus spoiling all the fun

The story goes that Marry birthed a child as pure as snow

But if we keep it to ourselves then nobody will know

That child grew up to pay a price, that’s how it all began

When kings knelt down and angels sang and God became a man

16 thoughts on “Seasons Greetings and a Merry, Joyful Day

    1. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched South Park, and well… What can I say? it puts me in the Christmas spirit every time!
      I was talking to someone just recently about South Park. It’s odd that for as completely crass and over the top vulgar as they are, a good many of the episodes do seem to posses some tiny element of a moral directive. I certainly wouldn’t want to be caught overstating that point, but it’s there just the same.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      As an aside, my wife and I are looking into some different ideas for possible vacation spots. We were thinking we might like to see some of England’s country side. I’ve become a big fan of the Sunspel clothing co. located near Nottingham, and would like to go see their facility (original one from 1860) for myself. Would you be a good person to ask specifics about such a destination? Feel free to email me on this one if you get time.


  1. Powerfully written. Wonderful use of irony. Believe it or not, I agree with many of your sentiments…not all, but many. And I love the painting of the angels looking down at Jesus. Do you know the artist?

    Have a meaningful Christmas.


    1. The artist is William-Adolphe Bouguereau, and the painting is, “Song of Angels”.

      I’m glad that you enjoyed this poem. And you even agreed with many of these views? I find that both amusing and very pleasing.

      Thanks, and I hope that you have a very happy Christmas this year.


  2. Several years back, I started wishing people “Happy Holidays” during this time of year. I was afraid of offending anyone.

    Now, I’m saying “Merry Christmas” to everyone again. I wouldn’t be offended if someone wished me a Happy Chanukah, Kwanzaa, or even Festivus.


    1. I can think of nothing that could more firmly hold a man back in his pursuit of life, love and happiness than doing his best not to offend people. Every strong leader has offended people. Sometimes just by his presence.
      Every decision that we make will win some and offend others. Every religious, political, and moral belief is exclusive and thus will offend some people. Every time we buy something, wear something, say something; every time we progress, get a raise, or intervene on someones behalf, we offend someone.
      If we all really did our best to not offend anyone, we simply could never believe anything or make any decision ever again. A perfect example of how out of hand this concept could get is the boycott of the term “Christmas”.


    1. Thanks FrankAngle! Congratulations on your award. I myself am a little confused about the whole thing. Nevertheless, I’m thrilled to be mentioned on Lolabees’ site and I’m sure I’ll figure it all out.


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