I Would Like to Thank my Mother And…


In the iconic words of America’s most beloved western hero and friend, John Wayne, upon winning the Oscar award for best actor, “I feel very grateful, and very humbled”.

And Sir Anthony Hopkins, “My god, I can’t believe it. It’s an honor to be here and I’m greatly honored and tremendously moved. And I… Well, God bless you all”.

And Cuba Gooding Jr., “Hallelujah, Oh here we go. I love you man! Everybody involved, I love you oh my god I love you! I’m going to keep going Oh my goodness  *dance* here we are and I love you, I love you, I love you! Oh…everybody!!!”



Dear Readers, I’ve just recently been informed that I’ve been given – not only once, but twice – the ever elusive VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD! This is an extraordinary achievement pursued by many, but won by only a small handful of maybe four or five WordPress bloggers. I think you will agree when I suggest that this is a major award.



In a word, I have arrived 😀



Aside from God, my mother, and all of my readers, I want to thank Lolabees as well as blondgirl for this achievement, and for giving me the opportunity, for the first time, to approach all of you as a “real blogger”. I shall be monitoring my stats feverishly searching for any readers suspected of finding themselves too lazy to even click on Lolabees’ and blondgirl’s links to find out what they’re all about. These girls rock with style and a kind of “I’m here to stay” flare that renders you without excuse if you don’t at least go and have a look. So as Ben Stiller as Starsky would say, doit K? No, no Doit.


And now in keeping with the obligatory acceptance song and dance protocol, here are seven things about myself. Things that you may not know.



  1. I inspect water towers for a living.
  2. I often wonder why I can’t look away from bright headlights on the road. Am I just looking to see if their brights are on, or does my inner self have antlers?
  3. It wouldn’t necessarily make me sad if Polar Bears became extinct. I’m just sayin’.
  4. If I were a giant, I would step on Priuses for fun. Crunch crunch  🙂
  5. I identify closely with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
  6. My wife agrees with #5.
  7. I’m not talking to my wife right now.




And finally for those bloggers who have had the biggest impact. To you I respectfully tip my hat. And I’m only going with five. Well done sluggers.



Rangewriter. This is a tremendous writer who has impacted me more than anybody on WordPress. Her kindness, patience, and strength of character are clearly evidenced in her writing. This is my favorite post from her and it’s the post that drew me to her blog.



Lady bon bon.  This is a strange choice for me. But she is a model who writes about her life, giving her readers insight into a world that is far removed from all that is commonplace or familiar. She is also engaging, and happy to respond to questions. I’m glad I found her blog.



Of course, The Country Man’s Wife. You may have heard me talk about the blogs that I read when I’m in my hotel room and feeling a little alone. Those blogs which work well to take away the blues when I can think of nothing but getting home to my family. Well, her site is at the top of that list. Thanks Country Wife!


Anne Schilde. Read just one of her posts and you’ll see why she made the list. Here is my favorite!


Antigone’s Clamor. I hate to nominate her once again, but I like the way she thinks.







Thanks again everyone! I hope you clicked on, and enjoyed the links that I posted. Please celebrate this momentous occasion along with me by joining in with the party below and rejoicing with lots of comments! Hip hip… You finish it readers. This is your day too!