Today, at the US Chamber of Commerce, Obama demanded that business leaders “start hiring”. Hmm… Brilliant! Why didn’t we think of this before!?!?!?!?! If only we had known during The Great Depression that all we had to do in order to fix things was to demand that things get better, wouldn’t the whole damned world be a better place? Thanks Barrack for letting us know how big men get things done. “Start hiring” the man says, “And let me know if there is any reason why you can’t do so”. Well, we’ve tried that sir, and it worked about as well as telling Mexico we don’t want their bastard children. Shortly after declaring an open door policy for economic concerns, the president defended his two landmark bills, the financial reform bill and the health care reform bill, and stated that, though the simple minds of US business moguls may not be able to fully understand the up side of these bills, he was sure that soon the parochial mindsets of these multibillionaires would fully grasp the young presidents savvy business logic.  Has the Oval office ever housed a more simplistic mind than that of our current president? I think not. Perhaps Barrack Obama should make us all feel better and go-a- hunting with Dick Cheney.

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