Our Faces: A True Portrait of Our Character


I’ve posted two images for us to examine and compare. First look at the portrait to the right. Take a moment to look closely at the face. Now, look at the man below. Here you have “The Picture of Dorian Grey”. Only it’s reversed. This is Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun. He was appointed as a conservative to the Supreme Court by President Nixon in 1970. Then, in 1973, Blackmun voted with the majority to legalize the killing of babies. Notice how his entire physiognomy is altered in the portrait. As a child, I could’ve almost imagined cuddling with the man in the portrait, calling him Peepa and letting him know what I wanted for Christmas. However, the man below looks like he could make puppies whimper. The portrait looks calm; the man looks like he needs a cigarette. Wouldn’t you agree that the painter was most dishonest with his portrait?


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